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9th January 2016

10:32am: I've Made a Terrible Mistake
Our college, which I will, out of good will toward the new Prez, not refer to as StupidCollege for a time (although much of the stupid remains), is piloting a January Term -- 3 weeks of intensive something -- and this is the 3rd year it has run.

I have colleagues teaching woodworking, bookbinding, surfing in Costa Rica; also, because we are paid per student, people offering courses required for the major and gen ed. Which is really slimy, I think: I mean, it's a 3-week course. But whatevs.

I've not done one before, preferring the extra downtime, but this year I was inspired by various events to do something on whiteness. White folk like me need to come to terms with what it means, as a historical matter, to be white, and to learn to talk about race and white supremacy without having a cow, man.

Well. My usual teaching issues: anxiety, impostor syndrome, are hitting with super force; not surprising since the class meets Monday through Friday from 1-5 p.m. It's not all typical classroom stuff -- there are activities, and will be a couple of 'field trips' (if I can get my act together), but wow. It's really just hard for me to talk about race, racism, and whiteness for that number of hours per day (and think about it for the rest of the time). A huge part of my mind is still sending me messages about how this isn't something we talk about in polite company. And what could be more polite than a classroom?

I do teach about race in the normal course of things, but the intensity of this term is making me extra puny. But we're in it now. I guess we'll see what happens -- and only 2 weeks left!

Meanwhile, you all are having adventures and sadness, I know, and I hope to catch up soon.

Thanks for being here. HUGS.

21st November 2015

1:43pm: The Usual. Nothing to See Here
As per usual, October sent me down into spirally depression-land, and I was barely dragging myself through teaching and whatnot.

And now I have a miserable cold. But I miss y'all! Really, I mean it, and I miss hanging out here.


31st July 2015

5:58pm: Away, but not Gone
I am far from home, helping a friend whose husband died suddenly in January. Since then, she has gotten a new job, her father died (while she was caring for him after a sudden illness), her grandmother died, and she had to buy one house and try to sell another in a different part of the country.

We spent the week packing and yacking, and it's all pretty horrible. But, I foresee very good things for her. It's just hard, and life can be bloody awful.

Not a vacation for me, of course, but a road trip, and a time in a different space, so it's ... bracing? Anyhow, that's me for now. Hope you are all holding up.

16th July 2015

6:07pm: TV Land is My Land
I'm enjoying Kate Mulgrew so much on Orange is the New Black that I'm considering watching Voyager. I had to give up on that show during its run, as I found the writing just unbearable, though I liked the actors (mostly) and what they were doing with the characters (mostly). It might be worth it now, though ... esp. since I can speed through episodes that are too painful on The Netflix.

One day I will write about Bill Cosby ... clearly messing up my love of I Spy is not the worst harm he has done, but it's interesting to think about how I can keep enjoying some shows even when I have some real misgivings about the actors (Adam Baldwin, I am looking at you), but Cos has been part of my life for so long, this one is absolutely a whole other universe of ick. (To be clear, again, this is not about me.)

OK, I'm really not watching a lot of TV right now. But TV Land is still My Land.

[HUGS] for all, and hope you are finding some good TV.

11th July 2015

4:33pm: Pre-Apocalyptic, for the Moment
So, I've been listening to Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, and now Parable of the Talents on audiobook during the odd hour before bed whilst playing silly computer games.

I read them both probably 20 years ago, and liked them, although Butler can be relentlessly rough on her characters. Listening to them is interesting; the events seem to happen more closely together and, not surprisingly, the world of the book doesn't take over my head as completely was it would were I reading it again (with my eyes, ya know). Also, Lynne Thigpen was marvelous in the first, but the second has three different voices (for the 3 different narrators) and I'm only loving one of them so far.

But what I was going to say, was, I remember the sense back when I first read these books that the kind of social breakdown she was forecasting really was plausible; the first book starts in L.A. County, where I was living at the time, and the whole thing was very vivid in my imagination ... now it seems less so.

Partly I'm sure that's because living so far from a major metropolitan center has made me oblivious to widespread poverty, crime, and hours on the freeway. And maybe my "maturer" brain is less likely to go on such flights of fancy... but there's something about Obama's America that feels a little less on the edge, to me; I don't by any means agree with all of his policies, but he seems a bit more competent, and a bit less venal, than a lot of our previous "leaders".

I dunno, maybe it's just me. But it's definitely a relief not to feel so compelled to learn to make flour from acorns, anymore.

Hugs to all, and hopes for no apocalypse for a while (or maybe only good ones).

29th June 2015

2:11pm: You're not Getting Older, You're Getting Sadder
Well, so much has happened, and keeps happening. The Tall Man and I are well and truly back together, as he is (gradually) moving in, and mostly that is going well. But. The Sophie, the lovely dog we rescued from the shelter in 1999, who was getting old and demented but still sweet and happy, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March. (Oh, wait, it gets worse.)

She had been having seizures and general weakness, so the vet put her on prednisone (I mean, a 17-year-old lab/border collie mix is not about to have surgery, so there was no real point to more aggressive treatments), and was doing better, if still obviously failing. So, Sophie still lived at the Tall Man's house while my little dog and I prepared for them to move into our house and have a general family reunion.

But then Sophie went missing one night while she was out back for her regular nighttime pee, apparently through a small gap in the fence in which she'd never shown the slightest interest. And of course she had no collar on, and of course her chip dates back to 1999 and we don't have the records for it anymore. And of course the Tall Man is beating himself up in a serious way.

We did ALL the things -- flyers, visiting vets with flyers, going to the shelter several times a week...Craigslist and various dedicated lists and sites for lost dogs, and nothing. For a dog that old and sick it's hard to imagine too many happy outcomes, and it's been 5 weeks now. I can't even begin to articulate the shades of sorrow that have passed through here lately, but, you all know. It's more than the usual swamp, right now.

We persevere, to borrow a phrase, and in my wiser moments I know this is life and there will be highs and lows ... but it's the doldrums of summer here, and so I turn to livejournal because I just need to *speak*, in some way, I think.

I am now completely unused to the interface and format of livejournal, it seems fumbly and not lovely... but I miss y'all, as I've said before, so, let the online whining begin!

Sending out love and hugs and hope for better days.

28th February 2015

10:22pm: All these Friends I Never Met
You know, if you know me, that I was brought up on and by Television. Between 1968 and 1983 I probably watched upwards of 4 hours a day. (Let the weeping commence!)

Luckily for me, TV showed me some good things, like how people might care about justice and integrity and compassion and stuff (68-83 was not a time of great political figures, if you know what I mean, but there was some good TV... especially counting re-runs!).

So, by the time I was ten or so, Star Trek was a place full of people I wanted to spend all of my time with. Shut up! It was lovely. And even if I had the poor taste to be a Kirk girl and not a Spock girl, I had no desire to spend a lot of time with Kirk but no Spock. Spock was (and always shall be) the best friend anyone could want.

So, losing Leonard Nimoy takes a good deal of shine off the world for me, though it would not be easy for me to explain why. I just liked knowing that he was still out there in the world, and now he's not. So, maybe we try in the coming week to be a little extra kind to somebody who might be having a hard time living in the available world. Because Leonard taught me something about that, I think, and I'm grateful.

Grateful to all of you, too, and hugs to them wot needs 'em!

18th February 2015

1:07pm: More than Snow Days -- Much, Much More!
Something is wrong with me, or at least dysfunctional, I think.

Given where I grew up (SoCalifornia), if I look out a window a see snow, some part of me gets put on total vacation. Like, "Oh! we must be in the mountains! Lying around and doing nothing!" And since we only went to the mountains during snow season about 5 times in my whole childhood, it's kind of a very vague feeling.

Or something -- all I know is, the brain goes on holiday, and I am stuck trying to explain to my students how we will still stay on track even though classes get (or should get, given black ice, etc.) cancelled.

This is a disaster. And a cold one -- possibly below zero the next couple of nights? wtf? But pretty, too.

This boring post courtesy of a brain on holiday.

13th January 2015

12:23pm: Strange Days Indeed
StupidCollege is on its 3rd iteration of a "trial" with a 3-week January term, the politics and pedagogy of which are complex and infuriating as well as promising, and basically it needs work. But I'm not teaching in it, because it's not mandatory for anybody, and so I don't start my spring term til the 26th.

So, working on research (Du Bois r us) and the house (painting, mostly painting, but also despairing over the baseboards) and it's COLD. Today it's above freezing, but tonight promises freezing rain and whatever wintry mix the clouds can manage.

Really, not bad, but wow, as the saying goes, aging is not for sissies. Trying to get back into running shape, and every time I push myself I make a knee unhappy. It's the left knee, actually -- months of IT band pain finally over but now there's something whinging on the other side of the knee. For all the years I've been an (on-and-off) runner, I never really hurt myself; everything is always changing.

Several of you are having hard times, crises, down-ish days; I am so happy you are all here, though, and I am thinking of you.

Have I mentioned that cold grey days keep Tiny Dog in bed until noon? It's like I have a 15-year-old human son. But super cute, and only 12 pounds, so I can just pick him the hell up when I really think it's time for breakfast.

Also, the Tall Man and I are still plugging away; is he well wrecked for any number of reasons, but we are making a go of it, and he may move in with me this summer. I think we are nearly grown up enough to handle it.

::HUGS:: to all. You are awesome. If you've not yet heard Hurray for the Riff Raff, I recommend it.

Many stars! Would listen again!

9th November 2014

9:26am: What.
I miss this community, and at this point my reasons for continuing to not post and not comment are completely but twistedly self-sabotaging, I'm sure, so here's giving it a try.

Myself and my place in the world -- you buy a house, you turn 49, your friends go through major life change, and you end up trying to figure all that stuff out. Strangely, my employer is unlikely to give me time off to get my life sorted.

I like the house, I like my work (well, except that I procrastinate so badly that it's hard to enjoy) ... but do I like who I am? Or who I am becoming? Or my place in the world?

I'm sorry to have been absent and missing all of your awesome selves. I'm grateful that you are still here! And awesome! So, tell me anything I need to hear, and I will be slowly catching up on your awesomeness.

all the hugs.

oh p.s. my account expired because my card had expired and I may or may not just leave it like this. random remaining userpics are random, but it's nice to have many fewer to choose from. I'm sure that means something.

more hugs.

31st August 2014

7:03pm: I Hate to Post and Run
Thanks for all the good wishes on the house -- it's lovely, but due to, oh, various things that happened, the move has taken longer than it should AND i have no internet there til Tuesday afternoon. so. hahah.

anyhow, back soon with more fun stories! and to catch up on all y'all's.

21st August 2014

12:01pm: Things Keep Happening
I'm nowhere near so happy and wondrous as Icon-Kate, but:

I am (probably, knock wood) closing on a house a week from tomorrow (Friday):

I really like this little house, and I am sooooooooooooo ready to get out of my apartment; it took some time for the owner and I to come to an agreement as to price, etc., but my agent is a super-hero (and now I totally get why they'd prefer not to do for-sale-by-owner deals) and so things are now clacking down the track. I CAN'T WAIT.

Between me and writing a big check and getting new housekeys is the first week of classes. Wow. I really need to finish up those syllabi -- and tomorrow is my first meeting with the kids in my first year seminar. Plus packing (for the first time in my life I started packing long before moving day; did I mention that I'm really, really done with this apartment?), lalala.

Also, the Tall Man and I are in couples counseling, because we will not talk about the Big Things otherwise, and it's going Not Badly. So!

Things keep happening. And, I am so happy to find you all here, and do really hope that the move and the new year will have me back in regular contact with this place. It's lovely to see you all, and I wish you well with your ever-happening things!


1st July 2014

8:28am: Time Will Tell
Camping was awesome in the ways that matter ... I was able to build fires and pitch tents and feed myself without undue stress; I do have to remember that Other People sometimes go camping in packs and, um, share their music and conversations with everyone at the campground. And families go for "together-time" and then sit around watching movies on their laptops which, hey, whatever works, I guess.

John Brown MusingsCollapse )

Yeah, I could talk about Harpers Ferry and related shit forever.

So, now I am back and still obsessing over real estate. The bottom line is, I'm hesitant to buy a house, but I think it's time to have a place that feels settled, and if I'm here in Sillytown for the next little while, til I get more published, etc., then why not? Compared to everywhere else I've ever lived, houses are reasonably priced here.

Oh! and more news about this will follow, but Stupid College has a new President who has so much wonderfulness that I may have to stop referring to my august institution as Stupid College! Time will tell.

Heron_Poses loathe and love change, you see. Perhaps this is me making peace with some changes that are, if not good, at least promising.

How are you with change?

::HUGS:: everywhere

25th June 2014

9:24am: And sometimes the decision is made for you
The house I was salivating over is now under contract (my sister, my *little* sister, who knows things, was all "did you put in a fallback offer?" and I was like, "what?")... but it's okay, I have some more time to think through my options.

And for the rest of the week I will be camping at Harpers Ferry, and thinking about my options. If you've never been to HF, I recommend it. It's got History, and Natural Beauty, and is only 1 hour from D.C.

For me, it's a good place to Think, and the camping is cheap and, if you get a reservation in early, and on a weekday night, on the river. (The Potomac and Shenandoah meet up at HF and make some beautiful rocks together.)

Here's to everyone finding some space, even if metaphorical, for a bit of thought and peace.

16th June 2014

3:11pm: Decisions, Decisions
I promised myself last summer that this summer I would seek out a new place to live, even assuming I wasn't moving to California.

And it's pretty clear I won't be moving to California, fantasies aside, so I have to think about buying a house ... or renting a more felicitous house or apt. than the 1-bedroom cardboard thing I've been in for the last 3 years.

Last time I bought a house, it was with the Tall Man, and of course we bought just before the bottom fell out of the market and he is still in that house, which is underwater ... (He and I are still "seeing each other" but I'm not making any commitments because I suck at decisions and he still has some way to go to show that I would have a better life with him than without.)

If I buy, I know that this time I would be able to do a down payment (by "liquidating some assets") because those 80/20 mortgages (even though we were well within our means) are a fool's game. And, I have found a lovely house with all sorts of sweet details -- cabinets and window frames -- done by the current occupant, who is a woodworker; it has a wired workshop with a woodstove in it, as well as a backyard garden, huge; just yesterday I was thinking "I could have it in time to get some collards and broccoli in for fall".

But it's scary; I could only BARELY afford it, and I'd be eating rice and beans (and collards and broccoli) for the rest of my born days.

Friends, am I a big enough girl to buy a house? a beautiful sunny house with workshop and garden? What what if my college goes bankrupt? or a dream comes true and I get to move back to CA?

What big decisions are you mulling over, if any, this summer?

4th June 2014

11:44pm: So That Happened

After the semester that nearly killed me, I am here to report that I have survived! Can't wait to catch up with all y'all and explain a couple cool things going on in Silly Town ... really, all the things.

But mainly I have really missed you folks, and so know that I've been thinking about you, and writing posts in my head ... like the day I looked out my window (up 3 floors) and saw a deer chasing a deer chasing a rabbit in the woods below. Yes! Two deer in single file, trotting along after a little bunny! I almost couldn't watch, because who knows what kind of crazy deer it could have been, who might have decided to eat a bunny!?!? But No! just Bambi and Thumper, followed by Bambi's mom, til Thumper found someplace to hide, and mom lay down for some rest, and Bambi wandered around til I got distracted.

Really, it's my fave story of the last 4 months, but there's other stuff, good and less good, and I should be able to manage to, I dunno, communicate or something, soon.

Love! LOVE!

8th February 2014

9:56pm: Ye Gods!
I have been in this strange place for some time now -- not sure what the hell is wrong with me, frankly. Major case of NO. NO, I will not do laundry faithfully. NO, I will not finish moving my old desk stuff into this new, smaller one. NO, I will not do any one of seven or eight picky little administrative tasks required of me as department chair. NO, I will not go to bed on time, or wake up on time, or make sure I work out sufficiently each day.


Some things of possible interest: I threw my CV together for a try at a new interdisciplinary position at UC Santa Cruz, my undergrad institution, because I do very much want to move back home. And be done with Stupid College.

If that doesn't happen (as it most assuredly will not), I will try to find a place that isn't a cardboard apartment to live in. Because this was only meant to be a temporary stopping point, and 3 years is enough. By this summer I vow to have found someplace that feels more like me.

My computer died, so I am lugging my 17-inch heavy work laptop back and forth. I know I should be grateful, as there are starving children who would LOVE to have this large and heavy laptop to lug around, but still. (The effort of buying a new one is another one of the things to which I am apparently answering NO.)

The Tall Man and I, his newish girlfriend having cut him lose in August, have been sort of ambling around closer and closer to each others' orbits. I feel very odd about this. But it's nice to have someone in my corner, right here. Whether we might live together again, say, starting this summer? I do not know. I'm used to having my own space after 3 years, so, we shall see. We agree that we need to start new, and not fall into old patterns. Like, he should talk to me about how he feels, and I should not use his emotional paralysis as an excuse to hunker down in depression. Or something like that. Also, I let him know that he needs to woo me, if he really wants us back together again, and today there were tulips!

Too many deaths. Mourning Pete Seeger, even though he was 94 and certainly lived a full and rich life; I'm feeling like the world is a flatter and a colder place. And I'm not sure where I fit in it. Which is all mid-life-y, but does it end, ever?

Tomorrow night the Tall Man and I will be bringing black bean soup to the home of a dear senior colleague and her husband of 50 years -- she suffering badly now from osteoporosis and recently diagnosed with multiple myelomas, a type of bone cancer. I don't know quite how to face that, but she has always been so very honest and down to earth and principled, and I expect we will be able to take our lead from her. I don't really know her prognosis, but she is apparently up and about, in any case, so we shall see.

Palpable melancholia, and feeling stuck, and jeez I'm supposed to be teaching 3 classes and writing and stuff. Luckily the students seem to be bright and very good sports, for the most part. Perhaps they can teach me.

I have missed y'all, and will be trying to go back to note Events of Significance that I have missed. And I am grateful so many of you are still here.


7th December 2013

1:32am: I've Been In Outer Space?
No, but seriously, a couple weeks of too much work, and fun, and misery, and whatnot, and all of a sudden I'm checking in and SHIT HAS BEEN GOING DOWN WITH Y'ALL, and I'm so sorry I've been absent.

So this is just to say, I'm still with you. I think. But I seem to be an unreliable reporter...

Watch this space, I guess.

And hugs, so many hugs.

27th October 2013

4:25pm: ... And Some Loss, to Even Things Out
I've been thinking about aging, as you do, and thinking about the various Icons of my Youth who were likely to die within the next five years, cuz I'm morbid like that, and how their deaths would affect me, cuz I'm narcissistic like that ...

and today received the news that Marcia Wallace and Lou Reed, two people who were really pretty different but both felt like way too young and way too smart and way too integral to The World As I Know It to ever, ever die, have died.

People, it's true: getting older is brutal -- and not just in the ways you can anticipate.

19th October 2013

9:47pm: Not Fifty, But I Can See It from Here
So, October is a fraught month for me, what with birthdays and shortening days, and this one more than usual, mayhap. The IT band has finally begun to behave and I have come down with a cold/allergy/something that makes me sad.

And two intro classes worth of midterms are not grading themselves!

Yes, we are in the Boggy Boggy Deep, my friends; so much to do, and so many mental blocks to getting it done. I need to start working out again, for without cardio, H_P is a very, very sad H_P.

On the up side: I started netflixing "Elementary" and am finding the Holmes-Watson relationship very charming (and hulllllooooooooooooooo Jonny Lee Miller; where have you and your ridiculous name been all my life???) (oh, gods, you didn't even exist until I was 7; well, that answers some of those questions) and hope that it remains Platonic because... just because. Lucy Liu is, per usual, awesome, and if the scripts are uneven, the cast squeezes a great deal out of them.

Also, my colleague the guitar prof and I are scheming to do a song together at the College Follies; we are thinking Indigo Girls, cuz that's just how we roll. Luckily, as the guitar prof, she does in fact know how to play the guitar. Really. We shall see.

So, 48 is probably a good age to be, right? A fine number: even, and divisible by just about everything. Everything that isn't odd.

Is there a prize for most boring post? because I'm pretty sure I win.

Okay, gray, drizzly, depressing day: you are nearly over, and then! just wait and see!

::HUGS:: to all, and many more!

17th September 2013

9:06pm: I'm Only Sleeping
Except not.

So, about two weeks ago, I went for a run as part of my "I want to be a runner again" occasional program. It was a good run. But the next day, I had some twinges, and realized I'd strained my IT band. (The iliotibial band is a nasty bit of business whose role in your life you never want to discover. When it's fine, it's miraculous; when it's not, it's barbed wire in a Very. Wrong. Place.)

20 years ago (jeez I'm old) when I was running daily, I had some trouble with it, and had to learn to rest more and stretch more and stuff, and it went away. Over the last ten years, (still old) I've been biking more than running, in part as a commuter, but just recently I realized I miss the wrung-out-empty and all-jogged-out (in a good way) I used to get from running, so, I'm working up to it, with little discipline and less confidence.

So, yeah, the IT band. And, this time, the IT band has really gotten revenge, as occasionally over the last two weeks just walking my dog around the block has become agony, and on Sunday it hurt enough that I couldn't sleep, so on Monday afternoon I went to the doctor.

Why, why do I think that doctors can give me a Magic Pill to make me all better? she recommended higher dosages of NSAIDs and exercises. I couldn't sleep last night either. So today I stayed home from school, and realized just how narrow my scope has been for the past coupla weeks, what with the agonizing pain and all.

Anyhow, we'll try 2 naproxen tonight and hope for the best, but I've missed y'all. I don't like it when my world tunnels down so small. I like it to open up and feel fresh breezes.

Possibly I'm off my head. Time to sleep, and hope y'all are feeling properly open.


22nd August 2013

9:49pm: It Gives a Lovely Light
Okay, I've been out of town three times in the past month, and it's all good, but I'm tired, and now I start teaching again. I have the privilege of teaching a first-year seminar this fall, so I'm on stage all weekend, which is no good thing for a heron_pose, I must say. Still, I can remember my excitement over the first weekend at college lo, those many years ago now, and I want to honor that for these kids.

Once upon a time, I was a very disciplined person, and it would be awesome if I could find that again. I'm teaching early mornings this term, and getting enough sleep AND enough exercise is just crucial these days. It would be nice to think I could keep a resolution. Argh.

In law school, when I hadn't seen "I Spy" in many years, I was able to set the VCR (yes, oldentimes!) in order to tape it when the re-runs came on at 2:00 a.m. on the local station. Then I got up at 5:30 so I could watch the episode before my housemates got up and I had to get moving.

Of course, I was young then, and losing sleep was still kind of a romantic adventure, and not the Terrible Mistake it is today.

So, here's to working on a healthy "work-life balance" this term, because oh, my dears, there is work to do.

::HUGS:: to them wot needs 'em.

8th August 2013

8:22pm: The Case of the Disappearing Tomatoes
So, a week ago I took off for Minneapolis to visit my elderly aunt and my cousin, who used to intimidate me when we were younger, but now she and my sister and I have a very good time talking about family and doing Minnesotan accents together. Poor aunty is on the decline, living on chocolate chip cookies and bananas (which, nothing wrong with that, really). On Saturday last, I guilted her into eating her mashed potatoes -- to which she had turned up her nose because they came "out of the box" -- by reminiscing with my sister about how we always had instant mashed, except at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we loved them just the same. Which was, btw, totes true. Mom had to feed 6 of us every night, and I can't really blame her for doing potatoes from a box and veggies from the freezer. (They were never canned, so, go mom!)

On the subject of veg (fruit, I know, but really), before I left for the Twin Cities my patio tomato plant had two lovely green tomatoes, one just starting to blush. Given the sunlight, etc., that I offer the poor plants on my patio, I was pretty convinced these would be my *only* homegrown tomatoes this season, and was excited to see how it would ripen up whilst I was away.

But I never did. Because when I got home on Monday afternoon, there was only *one* tomato hanging from the plant, still quite green.

Now, my apartment is 3 floors from the ground back there, and the patio is surrounded by a 3-foot wall. And while I've certainly had birds and bugs eat the hell out of tomatoes on the vine before, I've never, so far as I know, had one disappear. I mean, there's not even a stain on the patio below the plant where some bird might have dropped it and then come and picked it up. Somebody just plain grabbed it and took off!

My favored candidate right now is an owl, because guess what? This morning, the second tomato had disappeared as well. This one was still green! And *maybe* it got nabbed during the day, but I prefer the theory of a nocturnal predator. It's just -- do owls eat tomatoes?

So, I'm over the grief of No Homegrown Tomatoes, but ... if there are any theories, at all, about what did this? I'd love to hear them. Nancy Drew doesn't live here anymore.

::HUGS:: to them wot needs 'em, and all the tomatoes you want!

10th July 2013

11:05am: Y'all. Whut.
First thing -- last night I went running (see the virtue?) and a bug or something flew into my eye, and dang, worse than any other time that's happened. Eventually I got something out, but it went right on feeling like something was in, and this morning is weepy and red and the lower lid is swollen. So, it's scratched, I reckon, and it's not so comfy reading the computer, but I have a doc's appt. soon, so all shall be well.

MEANWHILE, I've been away too long, as some writing projects are approaching deadlines, seriously, and also my state is digging a very, very deep racist, misogynist, and just generally mean-to-people hole, so I've been traveling to the capital for demos and thinking about getting arrested. (The are arrests-lite, now; they don't even do mugshots or fingerprints anymore, just a trip to the jail and then OR release, which is sorta disappointing. I mean -- mugshot!)

But, in general, I'm not in the usual dumpy summer time dumps, just mild troughs here and there.

Until this eye thing. NOT FAIR.

Hope those fritzy air conditioners are coming back online, and there is some cooling weather your way. Ours is so hot and damp that the mushrooms are growing mold -- I kid you not. But it's nice not being in a drought for about the first time since I moved here.

::HUGS:: to all, and cooling thoughts to them what needs 'em, and political sanity to everyone. jeez.

26th June 2013

9:30am: Fun Was Had
Y'all, freixenet had professional reasons to be in my neighborhood, and so we did the IRL thing.


Despite torrential rains and rumours of flooding, and the general limitations of being in Downtown Almost Nowhere, we had a lovely time. Wine was drunk, Trek was talked, academia was alternately flogged and hailed, and I got to meet one of her prodigies, C, also awesome, and Trekkish.

Score one for the white hats, is what I'm saying. We reach.

In other news, Wendy Davis and The People shut down some misogynist shit in Texas http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/26/texas-abortion-bill_n_3501005.html

and the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act

and on we go.

::HUGS:: to all wot needs 'em.
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