heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,

Y'all. Whut.

First thing -- last night I went running (see the virtue?) and a bug or something flew into my eye, and dang, worse than any other time that's happened. Eventually I got something out, but it went right on feeling like something was in, and this morning is weepy and red and the lower lid is swollen. So, it's scratched, I reckon, and it's not so comfy reading the computer, but I have a doc's appt. soon, so all shall be well.

MEANWHILE, I've been away too long, as some writing projects are approaching deadlines, seriously, and also my state is digging a very, very deep racist, misogynist, and just generally mean-to-people hole, so I've been traveling to the capital for demos and thinking about getting arrested. (The are arrests-lite, now; they don't even do mugshots or fingerprints anymore, just a trip to the jail and then OR release, which is sorta disappointing. I mean -- mugshot!)

But, in general, I'm not in the usual dumpy summer time dumps, just mild troughs here and there.

Until this eye thing. NOT FAIR.

Hope those fritzy air conditioners are coming back online, and there is some cooling weather your way. Ours is so hot and damp that the mushrooms are growing mold -- I kid you not. But it's nice not being in a drought for about the first time since I moved here.

::HUGS:: to all, and cooling thoughts to them what needs 'em, and political sanity to everyone. jeez.
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