heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,

The Case of the Disappearing Tomatoes

So, a week ago I took off for Minneapolis to visit my elderly aunt and my cousin, who used to intimidate me when we were younger, but now she and my sister and I have a very good time talking about family and doing Minnesotan accents together. Poor aunty is on the decline, living on chocolate chip cookies and bananas (which, nothing wrong with that, really). On Saturday last, I guilted her into eating her mashed potatoes -- to which she had turned up her nose because they came "out of the box" -- by reminiscing with my sister about how we always had instant mashed, except at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we loved them just the same. Which was, btw, totes true. Mom had to feed 6 of us every night, and I can't really blame her for doing potatoes from a box and veggies from the freezer. (They were never canned, so, go mom!)

On the subject of veg (fruit, I know, but really), before I left for the Twin Cities my patio tomato plant had two lovely green tomatoes, one just starting to blush. Given the sunlight, etc., that I offer the poor plants on my patio, I was pretty convinced these would be my *only* homegrown tomatoes this season, and was excited to see how it would ripen up whilst I was away.

But I never did. Because when I got home on Monday afternoon, there was only *one* tomato hanging from the plant, still quite green.

Now, my apartment is 3 floors from the ground back there, and the patio is surrounded by a 3-foot wall. And while I've certainly had birds and bugs eat the hell out of tomatoes on the vine before, I've never, so far as I know, had one disappear. I mean, there's not even a stain on the patio below the plant where some bird might have dropped it and then come and picked it up. Somebody just plain grabbed it and took off!

My favored candidate right now is an owl, because guess what? This morning, the second tomato had disappeared as well. This one was still green! And *maybe* it got nabbed during the day, but I prefer the theory of a nocturnal predator. It's just -- do owls eat tomatoes?

So, I'm over the grief of No Homegrown Tomatoes, but ... if there are any theories, at all, about what did this? I'd love to hear them. Nancy Drew doesn't live here anymore.

::HUGS:: to them wot needs 'em, and all the tomatoes you want!
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