heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,

I'm Only Sleeping

Except not.

So, about two weeks ago, I went for a run as part of my "I want to be a runner again" occasional program. It was a good run. But the next day, I had some twinges, and realized I'd strained my IT band. (The iliotibial band is a nasty bit of business whose role in your life you never want to discover. When it's fine, it's miraculous; when it's not, it's barbed wire in a Very. Wrong. Place.)

20 years ago (jeez I'm old) when I was running daily, I had some trouble with it, and had to learn to rest more and stretch more and stuff, and it went away. Over the last ten years, (still old) I've been biking more than running, in part as a commuter, but just recently I realized I miss the wrung-out-empty and all-jogged-out (in a good way) I used to get from running, so, I'm working up to it, with little discipline and less confidence.

So, yeah, the IT band. And, this time, the IT band has really gotten revenge, as occasionally over the last two weeks just walking my dog around the block has become agony, and on Sunday it hurt enough that I couldn't sleep, so on Monday afternoon I went to the doctor.

Why, why do I think that doctors can give me a Magic Pill to make me all better? she recommended higher dosages of NSAIDs and exercises. I couldn't sleep last night either. So today I stayed home from school, and realized just how narrow my scope has been for the past coupla weeks, what with the agonizing pain and all.

Anyhow, we'll try 2 naproxen tonight and hope for the best, but I've missed y'all. I don't like it when my world tunnels down so small. I like it to open up and feel fresh breezes.

Possibly I'm off my head. Time to sleep, and hope y'all are feeling properly open.

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