heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,

Not Fifty, But I Can See It from Here

So, October is a fraught month for me, what with birthdays and shortening days, and this one more than usual, mayhap. The IT band has finally begun to behave and I have come down with a cold/allergy/something that makes me sad.

And two intro classes worth of midterms are not grading themselves!

Yes, we are in the Boggy Boggy Deep, my friends; so much to do, and so many mental blocks to getting it done. I need to start working out again, for without cardio, H_P is a very, very sad H_P.

On the up side: I started netflixing "Elementary" and am finding the Holmes-Watson relationship very charming (and hulllllooooooooooooooo Jonny Lee Miller; where have you and your ridiculous name been all my life???) (oh, gods, you didn't even exist until I was 7; well, that answers some of those questions) and hope that it remains Platonic because... just because. Lucy Liu is, per usual, awesome, and if the scripts are uneven, the cast squeezes a great deal out of them.

Also, my colleague the guitar prof and I are scheming to do a song together at the College Follies; we are thinking Indigo Girls, cuz that's just how we roll. Luckily, as the guitar prof, she does in fact know how to play the guitar. Really. We shall see.

So, 48 is probably a good age to be, right? A fine number: even, and divisible by just about everything. Everything that isn't odd.

Is there a prize for most boring post? because I'm pretty sure I win.

Okay, gray, drizzly, depressing day: you are nearly over, and then! just wait and see!

::HUGS:: to all, and many more!
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