heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,


I miss this community, and at this point my reasons for continuing to not post and not comment are completely but twistedly self-sabotaging, I'm sure, so here's giving it a try.

Myself and my place in the world -- you buy a house, you turn 49, your friends go through major life change, and you end up trying to figure all that stuff out. Strangely, my employer is unlikely to give me time off to get my life sorted.

I like the house, I like my work (well, except that I procrastinate so badly that it's hard to enjoy) ... but do I like who I am? Or who I am becoming? Or my place in the world?

I'm sorry to have been absent and missing all of your awesome selves. I'm grateful that you are still here! And awesome! So, tell me anything I need to hear, and I will be slowly catching up on your awesomeness.

all the hugs.

oh p.s. my account expired because my card had expired and I may or may not just leave it like this. random remaining userpics are random, but it's nice to have many fewer to choose from. I'm sure that means something.

more hugs.
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