heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,

Strange Days Indeed

StupidCollege is on its 3rd iteration of a "trial" with a 3-week January term, the politics and pedagogy of which are complex and infuriating as well as promising, and basically it needs work. But I'm not teaching in it, because it's not mandatory for anybody, and so I don't start my spring term til the 26th.

So, working on research (Du Bois r us) and the house (painting, mostly painting, but also despairing over the baseboards) and it's COLD. Today it's above freezing, but tonight promises freezing rain and whatever wintry mix the clouds can manage.

Really, not bad, but wow, as the saying goes, aging is not for sissies. Trying to get back into running shape, and every time I push myself I make a knee unhappy. It's the left knee, actually -- months of IT band pain finally over but now there's something whinging on the other side of the knee. For all the years I've been an (on-and-off) runner, I never really hurt myself; everything is always changing.

Several of you are having hard times, crises, down-ish days; I am so happy you are all here, though, and I am thinking of you.

Have I mentioned that cold grey days keep Tiny Dog in bed until noon? It's like I have a 15-year-old human son. But super cute, and only 12 pounds, so I can just pick him the hell up when I really think it's time for breakfast.

Also, the Tall Man and I are still plugging away; is he well wrecked for any number of reasons, but we are making a go of it, and he may move in with me this summer. I think we are nearly grown up enough to handle it.

::HUGS:: to all. You are awesome. If you've not yet heard Hurray for the Riff Raff, I recommend it.

Many stars! Would listen again!
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