heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,

More than Snow Days -- Much, Much More!

Something is wrong with me, or at least dysfunctional, I think.

Given where I grew up (SoCalifornia), if I look out a window a see snow, some part of me gets put on total vacation. Like, "Oh! we must be in the mountains! Lying around and doing nothing!" And since we only went to the mountains during snow season about 5 times in my whole childhood, it's kind of a very vague feeling.

Or something -- all I know is, the brain goes on holiday, and I am stuck trying to explain to my students how we will still stay on track even though classes get (or should get, given black ice, etc.) cancelled.

This is a disaster. And a cold one -- possibly below zero the next couple of nights? wtf? But pretty, too.

This boring post courtesy of a brain on holiday.
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