heron_pose (heron_pose) wrote,

TV Land is My Land

I'm enjoying Kate Mulgrew so much on Orange is the New Black that I'm considering watching Voyager. I had to give up on that show during its run, as I found the writing just unbearable, though I liked the actors (mostly) and what they were doing with the characters (mostly). It might be worth it now, though ... esp. since I can speed through episodes that are too painful on The Netflix.

One day I will write about Bill Cosby ... clearly messing up my love of I Spy is not the worst harm he has done, but it's interesting to think about how I can keep enjoying some shows even when I have some real misgivings about the actors (Adam Baldwin, I am looking at you), but Cos has been part of my life for so long, this one is absolutely a whole other universe of ick. (To be clear, again, this is not about me.)

OK, I'm really not watching a lot of TV right now. But TV Land is still My Land.

[HUGS] for all, and hope you are finding some good TV.
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