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I've Made a Terrible Mistake

Our college, which I will, out of good will toward the new Prez, not refer to as StupidCollege for a time (although much of the stupid remains), is piloting a January Term -- 3 weeks of intensive something -- and this is the 3rd year it has run.

I have colleagues teaching woodworking, bookbinding, surfing in Costa Rica; also, because we are paid per student, people offering courses required for the major and gen ed. Which is really slimy, I think: I mean, it's a 3-week course. But whatevs.

I've not done one before, preferring the extra downtime, but this year I was inspired by various events to do something on whiteness. White folk like me need to come to terms with what it means, as a historical matter, to be white, and to learn to talk about race and white supremacy without having a cow, man.

Well. My usual teaching issues: anxiety, impostor syndrome, are hitting with super force; not surprising since the class meets Monday through Friday from 1-5 p.m. It's not all typical classroom stuff -- there are activities, and will be a couple of 'field trips' (if I can get my act together), but wow. It's really just hard for me to talk about race, racism, and whiteness for that number of hours per day (and think about it for the rest of the time). A huge part of my mind is still sending me messages about how this isn't something we talk about in polite company. And what could be more polite than a classroom?

I do teach about race in the normal course of things, but the intensity of this term is making me extra puny. But we're in it now. I guess we'll see what happens -- and only 2 weeks left!

Meanwhile, you all are having adventures and sadness, I know, and I hope to catch up soon.

Thanks for being here. HUGS.
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